Mud Flaps


Mud flaps are used in tandem with the car fender to protect the car, passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists from flying dirt and debris coming from the rotating tires. These are typically made from plastic and rubber to resist wear and abrasion. Mopar Online Parts offers authentic Mopar mud flaps that are stylish, durable, and affordable. 

Protect Your Car’s Undercarriage with a Durable Mud Guard

Car mud flaps, otherwise known as mud guards or splash guards, can be found behind the tires. They act as protection against dents, rust, and corrosion caused by water, snow, or road debris. When your car is in motion, water and road debris will constantly pelt the vehicle’s underside coming from the tires. This is especially true for those who are usually driving through unpaved roads or areas that usually experience rain or snow. Without a splash guard, your undercarriage will be prone to corrosion and minor damages, which can be costly in the long run.

This exterior accessory is usually made from plastic or rubber. Plastic mud flaps are typically seen on small cars as they’re big enough to cover the back area. They’re also durable enough to withstand the constant road debris coming from the tires. Meanwhile, rubber mud guards are often seen on trucks as it offers a bigger area of coverage. It can also resist abrasion whenever it comes in contact with the tires.

There are also those that are designed aerodynamically to reduce drag resulting in improved fuel efficiency. Another advantage is that it can help cool off your tires and brakes by improving airflow thanks to its heat-venting capability.

Buy an Authentic Mud Guard for Less Online

Mopar Online Parts offers 100% genuine truck mud flaps that can withstand abrasion as they’re made from thermoplastic olefin and thermoplastic rubber. We do not carry used items or aftermarket products. All of our auto parts are strictly made from production-grade materials. Also, we offer our mud flaps less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. To grab these affordable deals and discounts, visit our site and browse our wide selection of auto parts.

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