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A fuel gauge measures and monitors the amount of fuel inside your tank. These gauges are often made up of two components located inside your fuel tank and on the dashboard of your car. MoparOnlineParts has a quality selection of durable and discounted OEM fuel gauges and related parts and accessories for select Mopar vehicles.

Get Accurate Fuel Reading with OEM Fuel Gauges

A fuel gauge lets you know how much gas you have on your tank. These gauges often consist of an indicator, a sending unit, a float, and a potentiometer. The float is located inside your fuel tank. It attaches to a thin metal arm that connects to the potentiometer. The position of the float goes up and down along with the gasoline level inside your tank. These changes are reflected by the indicator located on your dashboard, usually found on the instrument cluster.

Fuel gauges are also prone to wear and tear. It can become inaccurate due to the sending unit being moved around constantly as you drive. If the indicator is displaying full or empty despite having enough fuel inside your tank, your sending unit might be damaged or broken. If the fuel display is stuck at full, the wiring or indicator of your fuel gauge can be causing the issue. Have your fuel gauges checked and fixed whenever necessary to ensure you drive and maintain your vehicle efficiently.

Buy Genuine Fuel & Volt Gauges for Less

MoparOnlineParts has a wide variety of fuel gauges and related components for select Mopar models. Our products include Mopar fuel gauge replacements, pump units, and volt gauges sold for less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. These 100% original OEM gauges are durable and guaranteed to fit your vehicle. We do not sell used or aftermarket items.

 Shop at MoparOnlineParts today for authentic Mopar parts and accessories. Enjoy our exclusive deals and discounts when you visit our website. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns regarding your purchased items like proper fitment and installation. Our team of in-house experts is always ready to assist you. Place your order today.

Gasket, Fuel Pump Tank Gauge
Part Number: MB400461
MSRP $18.75
MSRP $18.75

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